The Pilates Greenhouse, LLC.
Scope of Practice
Whatever your fitness level or goals, our staff at The Pilates Greenhouse can prescribe the appropriate movements for you.  We work with novices to exercise, elite athletes, individuals who are in physical therapy or have chronic pain and those who want to stay fit and healthy for life!
Scope of Practice
At The Pilates Greenhouse we offer instruction for beginner, intermediate and advanced students.  We will teach you the basic elements of The Pilates Method and build your layers of knowledge at a pace and design that works for you.  Each lesson is a reflection of what your body needs and what your goals are.  Our specialized instruction includes (and is not limited to) expertise in the following areas:

Chronic Lower Back Pain
Bulging/Herniated/Slipped Disks
Back Surgery Recovery
Fused Spine
Connective Tissue Disorder
Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinsons Disease
Auto Immune Diseases
Cerebral Palsy
Abdominal Surgery Recovery
Spinal Stenosis
Hip Replacement
Ankle Functionality
Pre/Post Pregnancy
Frozen Shoulder/Shoulder Surgery Recovery
Chronic Neck and Upper Back Discomfort
Knee & Elbow Functionality/Surgery Recovery
Multiple Fatigue Syndromes
Cancer Survivors
Sports Specific Training (tennis, golf, equestrian, dance, skating, running, biking, swimming)
Limited Range of Motion
Weight Loss & Body Composition
General Core Strength, Flexibility, Endurance & Balance for Total Body Conditioning