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Owner, Jane Jones Bradley, demonstrates Mermaid on Short Box on The Reformer. 

  • Our experienced and educated staff of PIlates Instructors includes Owner, Jane J. Bradley, Willis MIddleton, Kirsten Ayaz and Alison Greeley.  We pride ourselves on employing teachers with an innate understanding of the body and how the technology of Pilates movements apply for strengthening, lengthening, body composition, healing and joyful awareness.  For biographical information about owner Jane Jones Bradley, please see the 'Biography' webpage on this site.

The Pilates Greenhouse is extremely excited to welcome Willis Middleton to Ridgefield.  Willis is a classically trained Pilates instructor who has recently relocated to Ridgefield from Winter Park, FL where she has been training clients since 1999.

Willis is certified on all of the Pilates apparatus through the Pilates Method of Body Training founded by Joseph Pilates direct protege, Romana Kryzanowska.  Willis feels that by studying privately with Romana, she has a direct link to Joseph PIlates' revolutionary concepts and work.  She believes in constantly expanding her knowledge and continues her Pilates training through the Bodies Mind Program of Study based in Mill Valley, CA.

Please stop by or call The Pilates Greenhouse for a lesson with Ridgefield's classical Pilates instructor.