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"After two children and several years of not working out, I decided to give pilates a try as a way to re-introduce exercise back into my life.  That was when I first met Jane Jones and ten years later, I am still hooked!  Not only has pilates given my body a renewed strength, it has been beneficial to my overall self as well.  My posture has improved immensely, I am much more flexible, have better balance, and find the workouts to help to relieve both my physical and mental stress.

Jane is a fabulous instructor and motivator with unrelenting enthusiasm.  She begins every session by inquiring as to how my body is feeling and if I am having any problems so that she can make any necessary modifications throughout the workout.  Jane has extensive knowledge of pilates and she changes our sessions up constantly -- from mat workouts to apparatus-based pilates, and often a combination of both.  This keeps my workouts not only challenging, but fun and interesting too!

The Pilates Greenhouse studio itself has such a warm and welcoming environment.  I love all the plants, the natural light from the front window and the beautiful mural.  The class sizes are small which also lends itself to a more comfortable and intimate feel overall.

I am a firm believer that pilates is an amazing form of exercise, no matter what your age or physical health.  The routines can be adapted to raise the fitness levels of someone who leads a more sedentary lifestyle as well as to challenge someone who is in great physical shape; and lends itself to being one of the best ways to ward off the infirmities of advanced age.  At 52 years old, I'm often heard saying, "I couldn't imagine my life without pilates"."
Lori G, Wilton, CT

"In the past several years, I have undergone three back surgeries followed by a year and a half of chronic neck pain.  After countless consultations with sports medicine specialists, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists, I finally found relief under the guidance and care of Jane Jones Bradley of The Pilates Greenhouse.  For the first time I was able to turn my head with virtually no pain.  With every session with Jane my back became stronger and my skeletal structure more sound.  I owe my miraculous rehabilitation to Jane and to the friend who recommended her."
Christina S., Stamford, CT

"A friend put me on to Jane last year when I couldn't haul myself out of my car without clinging to the door, a pathetic sight.  Even having done rigorous treadmill workouts for years, my legs were nevertheless like rubber bands, in desperate need of a 'Jones' intervention.  Fourteen months later, I am much stronger, thanks to Jane's careful instruction and unflagging encouragement.  I have complete trust in her vast training and sensitivity to my physical limitations.  Her patience is nothing short of biblical, and her sense of mirth a tonic.  Thrice weekly, Pilates is now a non-negotiable given in my life, and, thrillingly, I have gone from rank beginner to nearly advanced level.  I will keep at it forever, but only with Jane.  She's the best."
Victoria S., Ridgefield, CT

"I was so fortunate to find Jane when I moved from New York City to Connecticut in the middle of my Pilates Teacher Training.  Her intricate understanding of movement, anatomy and fitness make her an ideal instructor, not only for clients but for future Pilates instructors.  Jane helped me not only execute, but feel each exercise we learned properly so I could teach my own clients with her own sensitivity and attention to detail.  Now that I am working as a full time Pilates Instructor in Greenwich, I still call on Jane for insight about my clients and even my own body.  I'm so glad to have Jane as an educator, mentor and friend."
Karie M., Pilates Instructor, Greenwich, CT

"Pilates has been a significant part of my life for more than five years. I love to exercise, but I have high expectations, get bored easily and need variety.  I can honestly say that every time I do Pilates at The Pilates Greenhouse, I feel inspired, challenged, successful and accomplished.  I find Jane's enthusiasm contagious.  She has empathy for people and the skills to understand the needs of everyone in the class.  Jane has the ability to communicate her excellent knowledge of Pilates evidenced by the way she varies her exercises, corrects your position in the slightest ways, uses props and redirects and encourages you to challenge yourself in a safe way.  Every year we come back from our winter travels abroad, I am astonished at how quickly Pilates reshapes and tones my entire body.  I think my quality of life has improved, I feel that I have more flexibility, more core strength and endurance, and less aches and pains.  I would highly recommend the welcoming space and supportive environment of The Pilates Greenhouse.  It's fun!"
Ilse B., Ridgefield, CT

"No-one knows the body better than Jane Jones Bradley!  I've practiced Pilates for countless years and have had many teachers . . . no-one can compare to Jane's knowledge, precise cuing, infectious enthusiasm and love of teaching.  I'm more comfortable with my body now than ever before!"
Debbie H., Ridgefield, CT

"If you creak in the mornings, tweak a muscle bending over to tie your shoe, ache during the night or have been accused of being a little grumpy on occasion perhaps a 50 minutes class with Jane Jones Bradley at The Pilates Greenhouse in Ridgefield will help.  I have been a student of Jane's since 2005 and still find every class innovative, therapeutic and best of all, fun.  For an arthritic sixty-six year old, I am doing better than all right . . . thanks to Jane."
Jackie K., North Salem, NY

"The one word that comes to mind when I think of Jane Jones Bradley is “dynamic”. While she draws from a full spectrum of fitness knowledge, training and expertise in Pilates, yoga, strength training, cardiovascular and competitive events, she is exceptionally intuitive in her ability to identify the needs of her clients and their individual motivators. Jane’s warmth and compassion enable her to foster deep and supportive connections with the people she works with. Combined, her fitness knowledge and talent with people enable her to approach wellness on the whole with her clients, physically and emotionally. Since I have worked with Jane, I have changed my life in ways I never thought possible. I have completely changed my body and the way I think about my personal health. She is truly an inspiring role model for me in my pursuit towards a career as a fitness professional. Her passion is contagious!"
Annelise M., Ridgefield, CT

"I have been a client of Jane's since approximately 2007.  I have rarely missed a week.  No matter how tired, over worked or over scheduled I am, I will not miss my weekly Pilates clinic.  I feel so ENERGIZED afterwords!  The Pilates Greenhouse is a fun and safe place to exercise. Thank You Jane."
Judy H., Ridgefield, CT

"I started doing Pilates at fifty when I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease and was given the choice between surgery or repeated spinal injections.  Having avoided both because of Pilates, I continue with it now in order to ski with my grandchildren:  At 70 I am stronger and more flexible than I was twenty years ago, and it was I who skied with them last month when my children weren't quite up to the black diamond runs.  At an age when so much is in decline, it feels wonderful to have something going in the other direction!"
Carol S., South Salem, NY

"I have been going to The Pilates Greenhouse for the past 5 months.  I started out doing individual training since I was a true beginner.  I highly recommend the individual one-on-one training especially if you're new at it and also as you learn to further improve your technique.  Jane is an excellent trainer.  She really takes the time to understand you and works with you on a very personal basis.  I am an extremely busy executive and Jane has worked with me to get my training in.  Jane is an expert at what she does and I now attend Pilates 3 times a week and have become a bit of a Pilates addict!  I highly recommend Jane and The Pilates Greenhouse!"
Margaret K., Ridgefield, CT

"I began training at The PIlates Greenhouse in October, 2009.  Pilates was very new to me since my workout routine had been treadmill/cross-trainer and some weight training for the past several years.  Training with Jane has made a huge difference in my fitness.  I've developed strength, muscle tone and feel much better physically.  Pilates has made a big difference in my sleep habits as well.  Jane is an inspiration and her sessions are all varied and fun; she is also very mindful of where my own body is with regard to my flexibility and injured areas.  I can't say enough in praise of Jane's talents and am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her as often as I can!"
Joanne F., Ridgefield, CT

"Pilates became a part of my life 5 years ago when a friend recommended it to me.  At first I thought it would just help me lose weight, and probably my friend did too.  But I came to realize that PIlates gave me much more.  Pilates made me feel strong again.  I had given up most exercise due to arthritis in my knees and a diagnosis of MS.  My energy level was low, I had trouble walking, I had given up tennis, my previous form of exercise.  Through Jane and her PIlates workouts I was able to build back my core muscles.  I was able to re-strengthen my abs, my back muscles, well, really every muscle group.  The real perk was that it was fun challenging myself without feeling pain.   (And I could do more sit-ups than my husband!).  Pilates truly is a form of exercise I can do for the rest of my life.  Jane Jones Bradley has the experience and the dedication to the art of Pilates that has given me my new lease on life.  Thanks Jane, you're the best!"
Linda Z., Ridgefield, CT

"I am a senior citizen who started doing Pilates because my daughter felt it would help me with lower back pain.  She was right!  After my Pilates sessions, I came away feeling more balanced and pain free.  With Jane's expertise and encouragement, my body has come into alignment giving me more flexibility and making me stronger.  Jane works me out at a pace I am comfortable with and with her Pilates knowledge I feel safe to push myself.  I am so happy to have found Jane as she is an intelligent and talented teacher."
Gloria J., Ridgefield, CT

"I have been practicing Pilates with Jane since 2002.  The benefits are quite close to limitless.  It has been so beneficial to several activities for me, including golf, horseback riding and even just going out for a power-walk.  On a scale of one to ten, Jane's instruction is a TEN.  Her cues, demonstrations and enthusiasm all attribute to her excellent reputation."
Jessica W., Ridgefield, CT

"I have practiced Pilates since 2005 and have reaped numerous health and body image benefits.  I started with Pilates after I had broken a small bone in my foot and could not run for 3 months.  The doctor had suggested Pilates as a low impact way to exercise and stay in shape.  As I started Pilates, I found out how out of shape I actually was through the use of muscles and areas of my body that had never quite been exercised previously.  Around the same time, my mother fell ill with heart trouble and seeing the effects of a sedentary life up close, I vowed to stay committed to a healthy and strong body.  I started practicing pilates 3-4 times a week and never felt better as I intermixed cardio workouts in between.  I believe I have an even better body than I did when I was in my 20's and firmly believe it is due to Pilates being the core of my workout routine.  I just moved to Connecticut last year and really could not find a place to practice Pilates as I had in Michigan.  Finding Jane and The Pilates Greenhouse has been amazing.  I longed to reconnect with Pilates in the same way I had previously, and through finding her, I am back to a level of Pilates I desire to make my body feel strong again.  Jane is a very experienced instructor who is pushing me to reach greater goals of Pilates fitness.  Her studio is the most advanced I have experienced in the last five years and is state of the art.  Between the amazing environment she has created and her dedication to my fitness success, I look forward to attending my sessions at The Pilates Greenhouse each week."
Megan S., Danbury, CT